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DWT - Dynamic Web Templates

This template contains five (5) DWT layouts which are DWTIG compliant:

  1. home-splash.dwt
  2. menu-left.dwt
  3. menu-right.dwt
  4. 3-column.dwt
  5. full-width.dwt

DWT Regions

These are the definitions of the DWT Editable Regions used in DWTIG Compliant Templates:

  • doctitle: the title of the page,
  • keywords: key word for page
  • description: the page description
  • scripting: this field assigns the location for code (asp, java script, etc.) used on the page.
  • banner: name or banner section of page
  • sub_menu: navigation
  • body1: main body content
  • body2: secondary body content
  • body3: third level content
  • special1: extra placeholder
  • special2: extra placeholder  

First Steps...

Make a back-up of the original template zip download and store a copy on a disc (CD Rom, etc.) to ensure you have a copy of the original template.

Editing Flash Movie Without Flash

The master flash file is included but you don't need Flash to edit the image in the animated header. Use any plain text editor (i.e. NotePad WordPad, EditPad, etc.) to manage images. Here's how to edit using a plain text editor:

  1. OPEN - the variables.txt file using your favorite plain text editor.

  2. EDITS - change the image and text by editing the fields underlined in red:
    variables.txt example

    Note: use this image as a guide to edit only the text underlined in red.
    Do not delete or edit any other words or characters.

Search Engine Optimization

The template is light - most of the design instructions are contained within the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) which lightens the HTML code. This allows the search engines to read your content, and in web marketing, content is king!

Image Helpers

Create a bordered frame for images easily by applying one of the pre-designed border classes from the Cascading Style Sheet.

example of code snippet

Here's a before and after view:

small image 1
Before - no css class applied

small image 1

after (CSS effect)

After - the border float left class was applied to this image which creates a "Polaroid" frame effect while also floating the image to the left. Apply a border floating left (borderfloatL) or right (borderfloatR) - or no float at all (border). These preformatted styles make photo enhancements easy.